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Croatia is a wonderful country to visit with lots of sights and places of interest. However, travelling to the city should be well thought out.

Whilst planning your trip, you should think about where you want to stay. Once you have chosen an area research it thoroughly for the safest and most interesting area. Research hotels or hostels, whatever your budget and ensure that they cater to all of your requirements.

If you are travelling alone, you should think about how you are travelling from town to town. Public transport would be the best means. Make sure that you stick to busy areas and don’t go out after dark alone.

An area you are unfamiliar with may seem safe, however, when you do not know your way around it is easy to stumble into bad spot. Make sure you stay safe, let the reception of your hostel or hotel know where you are going and ask them for advice. Take a look at our info on accommodation.

Planning your trip in advance will not only save you time whilst you are away but will also allow you to discover the places which interest you the most. If you have any queries about your travel, email us at

If you are planning on travelling to Croatia this year, there are a few things you need to know about the country.

Before travelling to your destination your holiday should be well thought out. You should read up as much as you can about the area and where you will be staying.

Stay safe and research and plan your holiday fully. Find areas of interest to pack out your days.

Make sure that you enjoy your time in Croatia by thoroughly planning and researching your destination. Whether you are travelling through the country or just going on a week’s holiday there are lots of things to get in order.

Have a look through our site and read our safety information carefully, we can give you lots of advice on getting around, where to stay and what to see.

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